Create a health questionnaire

How to create a health screening questionnaire for your organization

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As an administrator in Tactic, you have the ability to create and manage health questionnaires for your organization. These questionnaires can be used to screen individuals before they enter your office space, ensuring that everyone is healthy and safe.

How to create a health questionnaire

Here are the steps for creating a health questionnaire in Tactic:

  1. Log in to your Tactic account and select the Settings icon in the bottom left hand corner of the screen

  2. From the settings page, select Building Health & Safety from the menu on the left.

  3. Select the Questionnaires tab to access the questionnaire management page.

  4. On the questionnaire management page, you can add new questions by clicking on the Add Question button.

  5. Edit existing questions by clicking on the pencil icon next to the question.

  6. Once you have added all the desired questions, save the questionnaire.

Important Notes:

  • When creating new questions, be sure to select Any as the correct answer if you do not want an incorrect answer to prevent users from booking reservations.

  • You can also configure the reminder period for the questionnaires and also, you can set the questionnaire to be mandatory or optional.

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