Invite new users

Learn how to invite team members to join your organization's Tactic account

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Tactic offers multiple ways to easily invite new users to join your organization.

Invitation via email

  • As an administrator, log in to your Tactic account and navigate to Settings > Users & Teams > Invite.

  • Enter the name, email, role, and team(s) of the person you would like to invite and select Send Invites.

Invitation via join code

  • Log in as an administrator and navigate to Settings > Users & Teams > Invite. Toggle on the Invite Link and copy the join code.

  • You can send the join code to anyone you'd like to join your organization.

  • You can toggle the Invite Link off or regenerate it at any time. Keep in mind that invitees who had not yet created their account will not be able to do so until the Invite Link is toggled back on.

  • Remember the "Join Code" is at the end of the Invite Link (seen in red in the picture).

Directory Sync

  • If your organization has enabled Directory Syncing services, employees can navigate to and log in using their work email.

  • Tactic will recognize the user's account and require them to log in using their organization's Identify and Access Management Software (e.g. Okta, Google, Azure, etc.).

πŸ’‘ Note: Invitees who find themselves on the Create Organization screen can follow instructions on how to join the organization on that page.

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