How to join an organization

Learn the different ways a new user can be invited or can join an organization

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Joining on Organization

There are four ways for a user to join an organization:

  1. Receiving an email invitation

  2. Using a join link

  3. Manually entering a join code

  4. Enterprise Directory Sync

Email Invitation

Administrators for an organization can send an invite email to a user. Clicking on the link in the email will take the the user through the process of creating an account (if they don't already have one).

If an administrator has many email invitations they need to send out, there is an import process our customer support team can facilitate. Click on the "Import" button in the Settings --> Users & Teams area for additional instructions.

Join Link

Similar to an invitation link received in an email, a join link works in a similar way. The difference is that a join link will not give a user a specific role, nor pre-add the user to any teams.

Join Code

Occasionally, a user account will be created without explicitly being added to an organization. In these cases, a user will see a screen asking them whether they want to create a new organization or to join an existing one.

When they choose "join an existing one" they are asked for a join code. This is where the user needs to manually add the join code sent to them by the organization administrator. Once a user enters the join code and clicks on the "Join Organization" button, they will be taken to the dashboard.

Administrators can find the join code in the modal pictured above in the Settings --> Users & Teams area by clicking on the "Invite" button.

Enterprise Directory Sync

Organizations that use Single Sign-On can also use Enterprise Directory Sync, which syncs user information automatically with common human resources information systems (HRIS). This can dramatically reduce the burden of trying to keep all user accounts in sync and updated.

When an organization uses Directory Sync, the user account will automatically be created as part of the organization, along with updated information & team memberships. If your account has been created via Directory Sync, you will be able to log in through the normal Single Sign-On flow. Enter your email address on the login page and you will be redirected to your SSO provider.

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