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Reserve a Workspace on Behalf of Someone Else
Reserve a Workspace on Behalf of Someone Else

How to reserve a desk for someone else as an Administrator or Scheduler

Updated over a week ago

If you are an Administrator or Scheduler in your organization's Tactic account, you have the ability to reserve a workspace on behalf of someone else.

Step 1: Select Reserve Desk on the top bar of the Tactic web app

Next to your profile picture on the top right of the Tactic web app, you will see an orange "Reserve Desk" button.

Please note that you cannot reserve a desk on behalf of another user within the interactive map. This can only be done via the Reserve Desk button on the top right.

Step 2: Select + Create Reservation for Another User

On the module that pops up, you will see a "+ Create Reservation for Another User towards the top. Select that option and search for the user that you would like to book on behalf of.

If this option does not appear on the module for you, your account hasn't been given access to reserve workspaces on behalf of others. Contact an administrator on your Tactic account to request access to this feature.

Step 3: Reserve!

Once you've selected the user you'd like to book on behalf of, confirm the reservation details are correct and hit Reserve! The workspace will be reserved for that user and will now appear in there dashboard accordingly.

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