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Book a desk or workspace

How to book a desk or workspace before heading into the office.

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Tactic allows you to easily reserve a desk in the office using the home screen or interactive map. Whether you are looking for a specific desk or want to see what's available, Tactic makes it easy to find and reserve the perfect workspace for you.

How to Book a Desk in Tactic

Reserving a desk via the Home screen:

  1. Log in to your Tactic account and navigate to the Home screen.

  2. You can reserve a desk in three different ways from the Home screen:

    1. The orange Reserve Desk button at the top right

    2. The weekday picker

    3. The Team Schedules section

  3. If either option B or C is used, the date picker will automatically default to the day of the week that you selected.

  4. Choose the day(s), start time, duration, workspace and optional parking space.

  5. Once you have confirmed the booking details are correct, click on Reserve Desk.

  6. A green checkmark will appear for the day(s) of your reservation.

  7. You can cancel your reservation at any time by selecting the Cancel reservation link in the My Reservation section on the Home screen.

  8. You can change what week you are looking at on the Home screen by using the arrows to both sides of the weekly view.

💡 Note: View which desk a team member has reserved by hovering your cursor over the day of the week of their reservation in the Team Schedules section.

Reserving a desk via the Map:

  1. Navigate to the Map using the menu on the left side of the screen.

  2. Use the Filters to give you the proper criteria based on the reservation you would like to make. These filters consist of:

    • Date

    • Reservation start time

    • Reservation end time

    • Floor (if applicable)

  3. The Search button at the top right allows you to search for any user or workspace by its name to locate it on the map.

  4. Once you have selected an available desk, a modal will appear with your workspace selection for the day and time you were viewing.

  5. Add any additional days and optional parking.

  6. Confirm the reservation details and select Reserve Desk.

💡 Note: Existing reservations of other team members will display their profile pictures (or initials if no profile picture has been uploaded) directly on the map, making it easy to plan where to sit.

💡 Note: You can see all workspaces from the map, but only the available desks you have permission to reserve will display in green.

🗺️ Map search tips:

  • Desk status colors:

    • Green = Available

    • Light grey = Restricted to another team(s) or user(s)

    • Dark grey = Occupied; hover to see who has reserved it.

  • View the capacity percentage and number of seats available by using the
    Total | Capacity toggle to the left of My Reservations.

Don't yet have the Tactic Desk Booking tool?

With Tactic, you can easily find and reserve a desk in the office, making it easy to stay organized and plan your work schedule.

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