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How to Reserve a Desk Across Two Days
How to Reserve a Desk Across Two Days

This article walks through how to reserve a desk across two days.

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Occasionally you may need to reserve a workspace across more than one day. For example, you may need to make a reservation that starts at 10:00pm on one day and ends at 10:00am the next day. This article will walk through how you can do that.

Step 1: Find the desk you'd like to reserve on the map

Navigate to the interactive map and select the desk you'd like to reserve. Click the "Reserve" button.

Because you are reserving across two days, you can ignore the map time filters.

Step 2: Update the start and end time

Once you've selected the desk and hit the Reserve button, update the start and end time as desired. You'll notice that the end time will display the duration of the reservation.

Step 3: Click "Reserve"

Once you have the start date, start time, and end time selected, simply hit the "Reserve" button to reserve the workspace.

Alternative method for reserving a desk across two days

You can easily find an available desk in a given time period by selecting the "Reserve Desk" button located towards the top right of the web application. As in the steps above, simply update the start time and the end time as desired. Once done, you'll use the Desk dropdown menu to view all available desks in a list format. Click on one and select "Reserve".

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