Disable remote check-in

How to disable the ability to check in to a desk or meeting room remotely

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As an admin, you can disable the ability for remote check-ins for your office's workspaces and meeting rooms. By toggling this setting off, users will only be able to check-in to their reservations using NFCs.

How to Disable Remote Check-In

To disable the ability for team members to check in to desk or meeting room remotely, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Buildings, Floors, & Workspaces

  2. Select the office you wish to edit, navigate to the Settings tab within the Building Details section.

  3. Under both Workspaces and Meeting Rooms, you will find the Enable Remote Check-in option.

  4. Leaving this setting ON will allow users to check-in using the web application, mobile app, and Slack integration.

  5. Toggling this setting OFF will disable the above options and leave only NFCs as the option to check-in.

πŸ”΄ Important Note: Be aware that if Check-in Automated Cancellation is turned on and remote check-in's are turned off, users MUST check-in using NFCs or they will lose all reservations they make after the Check-in Automated Cancellation Period runs out.


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