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Meeting Room Tablet Setup

Learn how to set up tablets dedicated to meeting room scheduling

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Having tablets installed outside meeting rooms can significantly enhance the efficient use of office space. They provide an at-a-glance availability indicator, show upcoming reservation details, and provide the capacity to book rooms spontaneously.

Getting Started

You will need to have the Tactic mobile app downloaded on a phone & will need to be signed in to an admin account. This will be used to generate the setup PIN.

1. Download the Tactic app to the iOS or Android tablet

The mobile app & tablet app are one and the same. By going to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store link, you can download the app directly to the device.

2. Click on “Extra Modes” in the top right corner

3. Choose “Room Mode”

Once selected, there should be a screen asking for a PIN to be entered.

4. Generate One-Time Password PIN

On your separate mobile device, navigate to Settings -> Security -> Generate OTP to get the one-time PIN that needs to entered on the tablet.

Enter the PIN generated or your mobile device on the tablet. It will automatically pair the device with your organization.

5. Choose the meeting room the tablet will be synced with

Once you've chose the room to pair the device with, the tablet will enter Meeting Room mode. You should now be able to see meeting room availability, reservations scheduled on specific days, check in to meetings in progress, and created ad-hoc reservations.


Q: What is the QR code for?

A: When scanned with a mobile device that has the Tactic application installed, it will open the Tactic app and navigate to the meeting room. From there a user can create a reservation, check in, make modifications to a reservation, etc.

Q: What can our team do from a meeting room tablet? Can I make a reservation?

A: Yes! There's a few different things that you can do with the tablet once it's set up properly:

  • See real-time availability with an easy-to-understand color scheme (green = available, red = meeting in progress, yellow = meeting will be starting soon)

  • View reservations throughout the day or into the future/past

  • Check in to a meeting that is about to begin or is already in progress

  • Create a new 30/45/60 minute reservation right from the tablet itself

  • Check out early to release the room

Q: When a reservation is created from the tablet, how does it show up in the reports?

A: The room tablet acts as a user within your organization and will show up with the name "{Office Name} Station" as the organizer of the reservation.


We've seen a variety of speed bumps when it comes to setting up hardware. Here's a few tips you can try before reaching out to the support team:

  • Verify the tablet is connected to an internet network and that the internet connection is working as intended. Open a browser and navigate to a website to confirm.

  • Confirm that the timezone set in the iOS or Android General Settings matches the timezone of set for the office to which the room belongs in Tactic. If you aren't sure what timezone is set for your office, navigate to Settings -> Building, Floors, and Workspaces in the Tactic web app while logged in as an admin. Click on the office. You'll see the timezone under the "General" tab.

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