Setting Up Visitor Management

How to set up Visitor Management on a tablet device or mobile phone.

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Setting Up Visitor Management

Setting up Visitor Management on Tactic is easy! You'll need:

  • The tablet device which you want to use as your sign-in Kiosk with the Tactic mobile application downloaded

  • A smartphone with the Tactic mobile application downloaded

Select Visitor Mode on the tablet device

First, launch the Tactic mobile application from your Tablet. Do not sign into your account. If you already have signed in, sign out so that your at the login screen.

Next, select “Visitor Mode” from the Tactic login screen. You’ll find it in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. It will ask you for a PIN. This is where you will need your phone!

Navigate to the profile screen on your mobile device

Using your mobile device, log into your Tactic account. From the dashboard, select the profile button in the top right corner of the screen which is represented by your profile picture.

Select "Security"

Select the “Security” setting which will be the third option down on the profile screen.

Obtain PIN

Upon selecting "Security", you will be directed to generate an OTP. Select Generate OTP which will be the pin that you need to enter onto the tablet to register the device as a Visitor Management station.

An OTP, or a one-time PIN, will only last for 30 seconds so it’s best to have your tablet at the PIN screen prior to generating the code.

You're all set! 🎉

We recommend trying to log in as a visitor to ensure everything is set up properly. If you run into any issues or have any questions, please contact [email protected] or you can live chat with us directly on the web app.

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