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Assign a desk, meeting room, or other resource
Assign a desk, meeting room, or other resource

How to permanently or temporarily assign a desk or meeting room to a specific user or team.

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As an administrator, you have the ability to restrict resources or a group of resources to specific teams or users, either permanently or for a set amount of time. This feature is useful for managing resources effectively and ensuring that they are used by the right team or user at the right time.

To edit resources, a user must either be an Admin or Resource Manager.

Add an Assignment

1. First, select the resource you wish to edit

2. Check the "Assigned" box and navigate to the "Assignments" tab.

assignment interface

3. Select Add Assignment.

4. Select the Users or Teams you wish to be assigned.

5. If you would like to designate a specific time period the user or team is assigned to the resource, uncheck the Permanent Assignment option and set the dates for the assignment period.

6. Click Save to apply the assignment.

Remove an Assignment

Removing an assignment is simple. In the resource "Assignments" tab you will see a list of all the current assignments with a small trash icon next to them. Click on the trash icon and confirm the deletion when prompted.

💡 Note: If you are an administrator, you can use the Edit Map button to select multiple resources at once and apply the restriction to all of them at once. This feature is especially useful for managing large numbers of resources efficiently.

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