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Integrate with Freshwater Digital
Integrate with Freshwater Digital

How to integrate your Freshwater Digital tags with Tactic.

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Tactic has the ability to push your room and desk reservations to the Freshwater Digital system. This combined with a template that you create will display the schedules real time on your Freshwater Digital tags!

Setup the Integration

  • To integrate with Freshwater Digital, you will need your store ID and API key. These can be found in your Freshwater Digital dashboard.

  • Within Tactic, navigate to Settings > Integrations & Apps > Organization Integrations.

  • Once there, click on Get Started"next to the Freshwater Digital section. Paste both your store ID and API key into the respective fields and click Save.

That's it! Your schedules will now be pushed to the Freshwater Digital system.

πŸ’‘Note: Remember to link the items from Tactic to the tags in the Freshwater Digital dashboard. If you add a new room or desk, click on "Sync" next to the integration in Tactic to push them to Freshwater Digital.

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