[Beta] Wi-Fi Check-in Setup
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Using Tactic's new Wi-Fi check in feature is a two-part setup process.

  1. First, you will need to add your office's Wi-Fi connection details. This enables Tactic to know when a user has connected to your network.

  2. Second, you'll need the Tactic desktop toolbar application to be installed on employee laptops & for those employees to log in to Tactic. This enables the check in process and facilitates the process of automatically checking a user in to desk reservations, changing their working location for the day from "home" to "office", and more.

Part 1: Set Up Office Network Details

1. Navigate to Organization Settings -> Wi-Fi tab

If you navigate to Settings -> Organization Settings, you should see a tab called "Wifi". This is where all of the Wi-Fi networks for your organization & offices can be managed.

2. Add Office Network Connection Details

After clicking on "New Connection" add your office's connection details. Optionally add and enforce a subnet range in case you want an extra check to verify the connection hasn't simply been renamed to match the office network.

If you're not sure what a subnet mask is, we recommend skipping adding anything for now & keeping "Enforce Subnet Ranges" turned off. You can always come back and add this later if needed.

3. Verify all office connections details have been added

If multiple offices in your organization share the same Wi-Fi network name, you can simply check the box next to each office that shares the name. If each office has a unique network name, make sure to add each one.

Part 2: Desktop App Install

Once all your office network connection details have been added, it's time to get the desktop toolbar application installed.

1. Download the app

Users can find the latest app install link by navigating to Settings --> Integrations & Apps --> Integrations

2. Install Application & Move to "Applications"

After downloading the .zip file, open it and drag the Tactic application from "Downloads" to "Applications" in Finder.

3. Open the Application

Double click the application in Finder to open. A small grayed out Tactic logo will appear in your MacOS menu bar.

While the app is in beta, you will likely see a security warning. You can get around the warning by navigating on MacOS Settings --> Privacy & Security and then scrolling down till you see the message that your settings prevented you from opening the app. Click the button “Open Anyway”

4. Log in to Tactic

Click on the Tactic Logo. Then click on the "Login" button and follow your normal login process to authenticate. If successful, the grayed out logo will change to white & new options will appear when you click on it.

That's it! It's now working. Once you've connected with a Wi-Fi network that matches the office network configuration details, a Wi-Fi check-in will occur.


Q: How does Wi-Fi check in know a users location?

A: We are matching on whether or not the user's laptop is connected to a Wi-Fi network that has the same name & settings as your office's network. We are not using any sort of GPS positioning or location sharing services.

Q: Does this track users locations when they're at home or at a remote location, like a coffee shop?

A: No. The only time data is stored is when the laptop is connected to a Wi-Fi network that matches the office network configuration.

Q: Does this only work with Wi-Fi? What if a user connects to the office network via Ethernet?

A: Currently this only works with a Wi-Fi connection. If your use case requires an Ethernet connection, please let our team know.


If you're having an issue when logging in, one thing you can try is to open the MacOS utility program called "Keychain Access". If you search "com.gettactic.desktop" you will see both "device" and "token". If you delete those and try logging in again, often times this will fix the issue.

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