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Tactic overview

Want to learn more about Tactic? Find out to optimize your hybrid workplace for a better employee and manager experience.

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What is Tactic?

Tactic is a workplace experience solution designed for hybrid teams, which are teams that consist of both in-office and remote workers. Tactic offers a range of features to help hybrid teams collaborate more effectively and manage more efficiently.

What does the Tactic provide?

  • Hot desking: This feature allows team members to reserve a workspace in the office for a specific day or time period. Hot desking is especially useful for hybrid teams looking to downsize their office needs or organizations looking to bring more flexibility to their workspace.

  • Meeting room reservations: Tactic also offers the ability to book meeting rooms in the office, which is useful for team members that want to collaborate in-person. This feature allows teams to schedule meetings and ensure that the necessary space is available.

  • Visitor management: Tactic's visitor management system allows teams to easily track and manage visitors to the office. Using a tablet, it checks-in guests, alerts the host and provides a visitor log for your records.

  • Interactive office maps: Tactic includes an interactive map of your office, displaying the location of each employee and which workspace they are currently using. This can be helpful for teams to quickly locate each other or find an available workspace.

  • Reporting & analytics: Tactic also includes tools for tracking and analyzing how the office is being used, including data on occupancy rates, usage patterns, and real estate needs. This can be helpful for management to understand how to better allocate resources and forecast future needs.

Who uses Tactic?

  • Hybrid teams: Tactic is specifically designed for hybrid teams who need help planning their weekly work locations and coordinating in-office schedules. These teams will benefit from Tactic's features such as team schedules, hot desking and meeting room reservations.

  • Workplace experience teams: Create a flexible workplace that supports a healthy balance of autonomy and collaboration. Tactic's employee-focused tools provides employees with a positive experience that promotes creativity and boosts morale.

  • Human resources managers: HR teams may find Tactic's visitor management feature helpful in tracking and managing employee and guest visits to the office, including ensuring that they are following necessary health and safety protocols.

  • Office management/facility teams: Tactic's office usage reporting and analytics tools can be useful for office managers and facilities teams in understanding how the office is being used and identifying opportunities for improvement.

  • Real estate teams: Using our detailed first-party data, real estate teams can more easily forecast future real estate needs and plan for future growth or changes.

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