Sync Outlook Room Calendars With Tactic

Tactic allows you to sync your Outlook room calendars so that you can make room reservations from both Tactic and Outlook.


This article will walk you through how to set up your Outlook room calendars and then link them to Tactic. This will allow you and your coworkers to make room reservations in Outlook and have the reservation sync to Tactic or vice versa.


If you already have rooms created in Outlook and are sharing those room calendars with a user, continue to "Step 4: Integrate Tactic with Outlook".

Step 1: Create a Generic User

In order for Tactic to be able to sync events to Outlook, a generic user will need to be created and attached to your organization's Outlook rooms. There are a couple reasons why this is important:

  1. By connecting your Outlook rooms to a generic user, Tactic is able to pull room availability straight from Outlook and make reservations so that there is scheduling parity between the two platforms.
  2. We want the connection between Tactic and Outlook to persist. If we link to a user account within the organization, that person leaving the organization would cause the connection to break once their account was deactivated.

For the generic user email, we recommend using reservations@[yourdomain].com

To create a generic user, follow this guide by Microsoft.

Once created, we can move on to creating your Outlook room calendars.

Step 2: Create Outlook Room Calendars

Before we head over to Tactic, you need to make sure that your Outlook room calendars exist and are set up properly. 

There are a couple of things you will need to create in your Office 365 console if you are starting from scratch:

  1. Buildings - These are your offices. They contain information such as floors, address, etc.
  2. Rooms - These are your meeting rooms. They contain information such as what building the room is in, what floor it is on, what the capacity is, etc.

To create all of your Office 365 resources, follow this guide by Microsoft.

Now that we have our buildings (offices) and rooms (meeting rooms) created in Office 365, we need to make sure they are set up properly.

Note: It can take up to 24 hours for Outlook servers to sync the calendar resources after creation. If you do not see the calendars in Tactic after integrating, wait 24 hours and check again.

Step 3: Set Properties on Calendars

Each meeting room calendar that we want to link to Tactic needs to have a few settings updated to ensure Tactic and Outlook sync properly.

To get to the settings pane for a room calendar, navigate to:

Exchange Admin Center -> Recipients -> Resources

Once you have the settings pane open, ensure that the following properties are set properly.

Auto-accept Invitations

Under "Manage Settings", the booking option, "Auto-accept meeting request" should be checked. This makes reserving an open room faster and overlapping reservations less likely to happen.

Calendar Sharing

We want to share the room calendars with our generic user (created in step 1). This allows Tactic to make reservations on the room calendar and keep everything in sync. These can be added by clicking on "Manage delegates".

Once those properties have been set, you can head over to Tactic to integrate with Outlook.

Step 4: Integrate Tactic With Outlook

Now that everything is set up in Outlook, we can integrate with Tactic. To start the integration process, navigate to:

Tactic Dashboard -> Settings (bottom left corner) -> Integrations & Apps

Once there, click on the "Org Integrations" tab, then click "Get Started" next to the Outlook icon.

From there, Tactic will ask you to log in. (If it takes you directly to the Microsoft login page, that's ok).

After logging into Tactic you will be greeted with the below Microsoft consent screen for the integration. This is the point at which we want to use the generic user we created in Step 1. 

Click on the generic user's name, or click on "User another account" if it does not show up in the list.

Once you are logged in to the generic user, you will be shown the permissions screen. You can review the permissions and then click "Allow" to complete the setup. 

You will then be directed back to the Tactic integrations settings page. If the integration was successfully added, you will now see a button that says "Linked" next to the Outlook icon.

Step 5: Link Tactic Meeting Rooms With Outlook Room Calendars

The last step in the integration process is to link your Outlook room calendars to your Tactic meeting rooms. To do this, navigate to:

Tactic Dashboard -> Settings -> Buildings, Floors, & Workspaces

For each building, you will need to navigate to the "Meeting Rooms" tab and click the pencil icon for the meeting room you are wanting to link.

In the edit modal, you can then select the Outlook room calendar from the "Calendars" drop- down at the bottom.

Click "Save Changes" once you have selected a calendar.

Repeat for any other rooms you would like to sync.


Congratulations! You have successfully linked Tactic with your Outlook room calendars. Any events you created in Outlook that require a meeting room will now be synced to Tactic and any room reservations made in Tactic will now be synced to Outlook.