Reserving a desk via Slack

The article below will explain how to conveniently create a desk reservation without ever leaving Slack.

Reserving a desk is easier than ever before thanks to Tactic's integration with Slack. Scroll through the article or click on any of the bulleted steps below to learn how.

Note: In order to reserve a desk in Slack, you must first complete the integration process. You can find simple instructions in this help article.

Type out the desk reservation command

To get started, navigate to the Tactic app Slack channel and type the command /tactic desk

Screenshot of desk reservation command in Slack

Push send to trigger the Reserve a Desk modal

Once you send the command, using the green send button, the Reserve a Desk modal will pop up, asking you for the reservation details.

Fill out the required reservation details

In order to finish your reservation, you must choose the office location, day, time, and preferred desk.

Tip: Have a large office? Filtering by office or zone can help you find your preferred desk more quickly.

Screenshot of Slack's desk reservation modal

Click submit to confirm your reservation

Once you choose your reservation details, click on the Submit button to confirm your reservation. Upon success, a confirmation will appear inside of the Tactic Slack channel.

This confirmation will only appear for you. It will not be visible to your teammates.

Screenshot of desk reservation confirmation

That's it! You have reserved an office desk.

You will need to check in to your reservation once you arrive. But, don't worry!

If you forget, Slack will send over a friendly automated reminder 15 minutes after the start of your reservation time slot.