Install the Tactic app on Slack

In order to give your team the gift of convenient office reservations from within Slack, you must first install the Tactic app on your organization's Slack account. The article below will guide you through the necessary steps.

Tactic's integration with Slack makes it easy for your team members to easily create and check in to office reservations. Scroll through the article or click on the bulleted steps below to find our how to install the necessary app in your Slack account.

Note: Organization settings are only visible to your company's designated Tactic Admins. Learn how to adjust User & Team roles here.


Create a Tactic notification channel

Before starting the install, you will need to create a new public channel inside of your company's Slack account. This will allow Tactic to automatically post all newsfeed announcements and notifications for your team to see without leaving Slack.

We recommend naming it something simple like #Tactic or #Tactic-notifications.

Once it is created, you are ready to move onto the install.

Click on the Settings links

Both organization and personal settings can be accessed by clicking on Settings link in the bottom left hand corner of the desktop dashboard.


Choose Integrations & Apps

Once in the settings area, click on the Integrations & Apps link, found at the bottom of the Settings menu. 

Slack Company Settings

Navigate to Org Integrations

Once on the Integrations page, make sure to navigate to the Org Integrations tab, only visible by Tactic admins.

Click on the Get Started button to the right of the Slack logo. 

Group 802 (2)

Authenticate your Tactic account

After clicking the Get Started link, you may be prompted to authenticate your Tactic account by logging in again.

If you already have a valid session, the software will automatically skip this step and you can continue onto the next one.

Review settings & accept permissions

Once authenticated, a Slack modal will pop up displaying the necessary integration permissions, as well as Tactic notification settings.

Please take a moment to review the permissions, and choose the Tactic notification channel you created in the first step. 

Click Allow to complete the install.

Screenshot of Tactic permissions

Verify the connection

At this point, you should have been redirected to your Slack desktop app in order to verify that the installation was successful.

If you do not have the Slack desktop app, you will be redirected to a page that you can close. In this case, you will need to open Slack in your browser.

To verify the connection, type the command /tactic into your personal Tactic channel. If you receive an automated reply starting with "Hello, new friend!", the installation was successful.

Slack - Step Two

Nice job! You have successfully installed the Tactic app on Slack.

Your team members may now integrate their Tactic account with Slack using the instructions found in this knowledge base article