How to reserve a meeting room from the Tactic map

How to reserve a Meeting Room from the Tactic Map Dallin Hale
  1. From the Dashboard, navigate to your Tactic Interactive Map by clicking on the map icon on the left side of the screen.

  2. Once there, use the date and time filters to view what resources are available. Additionally, you have the ability to zoom into the map, filter for NCF chipped desks, and search for specific resources.

  3. Hover over a resource and you will see its general information. If a resource is already reserved, or it has been restricted, it will be greyed out and have a red outline around it when you have over it. it will additionally tell you who reserved the space and for how long.


  4. Click on the room you wish to reserve and a menu will appear near the bottom of the screen. Click on "Reserve Room".

  5. A module will pop up on the screen with 6 filters that can be adjusted to fit your preferences. Click "Reserve Room" once you find the room that fits your needs. Email notifications will be sent to each of the teams and/or users that are invited to the meeting.


  6. Return to the Dashboard and look under the " My Reservations". There you will find your new room reservation! Cancel the reservation at any time by clicking "Cancel this reservation".