How to integrate Slack with Tactic

How to integrate Slack with Tactic 


  1. If you would like to book conference rooms and desks via Slack, just follow the next couple of steps to get your account set up.


  2. First, ensure the Tactic app has been installed in your Slack organization by an admin. Try typing /tactic in any Slack channel. If nothing pops up or Slack gives you an error, the Tactic app is not installed. Send this article to your Slack admin and have them follow the Admins section. If the Tactic app is installed, you will receive a message that looks like this



  3. Click on the link embedded in the message and log into your Tactic account with your work email and associated password.


  4. Once you've done this, you will be notified that you've successfully authenticated Slack with Tactic. Now that this is done, you can try scheduling a desk with /tactic desk or a conference room with /tactic meeting !


  1. The Tactic Slack app requires a channel to send messages to for public announcements and notifications. Before we begin, we recommend adding a new channel, like #tactic or #tactic-reservations, that you can add the bot to.


  2. Once you have created your channel, click on the "Get Started" button next to the slack icon in Tactic under Settings -> Apps & Integrations.




  3. After clicking the button, enter your Tactic login info on the login page.

    1. If it does not ask you to login, that is ok. This means you have a valid session already. Continue to the next step.


  4. After entering your email and password, select the channel you created in step 1 and then select "Allow", so the Tactic app can be installed into your Slack workspace.


  5. This will direct you back to the Slack desktop application. If you do not have the desktop app, it will redirect to a url that looks like this:




    The page looks like an error, but it is OK.


  6. Once you've done this, navigate to Slack and type /tactic. If you see the command pop up or a message back from the Tactic bot, the installation was successful! Now each user can setup their accounts by following the Users section above. Happy scheduling!

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