How to integrate Slack with Tactic

Slack is a messaging app that makes it fast and easy to communicate with your team. Learn how to connect it with Tactic in order to book an office space, get automated reservation reminders, and check-in, all from within Slack.

Note: Once your admin has installed Tactic into your Slack workspace, Tactic will automatically integrate with your Slack account if your Slack email is the same as your email within Tactic. In this case, you can skip this set up and start using Tactic in Slack right away! 

If they are different, continue reading this article to get the integration set up.


Integrating Tactic with Slack is takes a couple of simple steps. Once completed, you will be able to book a desk, reserve a meeting room, check-in for a reservation and more, all through the convenience of a Slack chat.

Note: The Tactic app must be installed within your company's Slack account in order for the integration to succeed. If you receive an error when trying to complete the integration process, reach out to your company's Slack Admin to verify the app was correctly installed using this help article..

If your Slack Admin verifies the Tactic app has been installed and you continue to experience issues, please submit a help ticket.

Type the command /tactic into your personal slack channel 

While this command will technically work in any channel, we recommend typing /tactic into your personal Slack chat.

Clicking the send button will start the integration process.

Slack - First Step


Follow the linked prompt in the automated reply

As long as the Tactic app has been installed by your company's Slack Admin, you should promptly receive an automated reply from the Tactic bot.

Follow the click here link to authenticate your account. You will be prompted to logging into your Tactic account.

Automated Slack reply with Click here link

That's it! Your Tactic account should now be integrated with Slack.

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