How to edit an individual workspace restriction settings

Tactic allows ultimate flexibility when it comes to managing desks and conference rooms, including: restricting access to a team or user(s), pending restrictions, and disabling workspace availability.

Navigate to the workspace editing screen

Log into a Tactic administrator account and select Map from the left-hand navigation pane. Choose the resource you would like to edit.

Restrict workspace to a specific team(s) or user(s)

Check the box Restrict to specific teams & users and enter in the team(s) or user(s) you would like this workspace to be restricted to. Once enabled, only members of the specified teams or users will have the option to reserve this workspace within Tactic.

You can change workspace restrictions at any time or disable restrictions entirely by unchecking the box Restrict to specific teams & users box.

Disable a workspace

You can make a workspace unreservable by using the Available to reserve toggle. This does not delete the workspace from the map, but will prevent users from being able to reserve the respective desk or meeting room.

Pending workspace

You can require a workspace reservation to be approved by using the Require approval checkbox. Once enabled, the respective desk or meeting room will require an administrator to approve the reservation.

When a pending workspace has been reserved by a user, an administrator can approve or deny the reservation right from the dashboard.