How do I reserve a meeting room?

How do I reserve a meeting room? How to reserve a room for your next Meeting or Presentation Dallin Hale

Web Application

  1. Reserving a conference room can be done straight from the dashboard. Upon logging in, you'll select "Reserve Room at the top right of the screen.

  2. A module will pop up on the screen with 6 filters that can be adjusted to fit your preferences. Click "Reserve Room" once you find the room that fits your needs. Email notifications will be sent to each of the teams and/or users that are invited to the meeting.

  3. You can view your new conference room reservation directly from the dashboard on the right-hand side of the screen.

  4. You can cancel a conference room reservation by selecting the "X" in the "My Reservations" section of the Dashboard.

Mobile Application

  1. The process to reserve a conference room is very similar to reserving a desk. Upon logging into your account on your phone, select the orange "+" on the bottom bar in the bottom navigation bar.

  2. You will have the option to reserve either a desk or a conference room. Select the "Room" option to the right.

  3. From this screen you will have the option to choose the date(s), number of attendees, duration of the meeting, and the meeting start time you would like to reserve a conference room for.

    • Choose date(s)

    • Choose number of attendees

    • Choose duration

    • Choose meeting start time

  4. Review the details of your reservation and confirm by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. Once that's completed, you're all set! The conference room has been booked in the system and you're good to go.

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