How do I add/remove/edit my office resources and settings?

How do I add/remove/edit my Office resources and settings? This article will describe how a user can add, remove, or otherwise modify their offices. Dallin Hale
  1. First, go to your Tactic Dashboard by logging in here. If you do not know how to log in, please see the "How do I Sign In" article.

  2. From the Dashboard, go to the bottom left of your screen and select the "Settings" icon.

  3. Select the "Offices, Zones, Workspaces & Parking" tab. From here, you can view and edit your existing Offices, as well as add a new Office to your account.

  4. Select a pre-existing Office to edit the resources associated with that office including Floors, Zones, Workspaces, Meeting Rooms, Parking, and Settings.

    1. Floors - The physical floors of an office space to which an interactive floorplan map is attached.

    2. Zones - Conceptual areas used to organize resources within a floor of an office, such as an area for sales staff labeled "Sales Zone". Each resource can be restricted to sales staff only.

    3. Workspaces - Single and group resources that can be reserved in an office, such as a desk, office, or group workstation.

    4. Meeting Rooms - Rooms that can be reserved with invitations sent to specific users or groups, such as a conference room or huddle room.

    5. Parking - A resource that represents the available parking for a specific office location.

    6. Settings - Controls office reservation settings.

  5. The settings tab controls the reservation settings of that office's workspace and meeting rooms.

    1. Future Reservation Limit

    2. Check-in Automated Cancellation

    3. Check-in Automated Cancellation Period

    4. Reservation Buffer Period

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