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Customizing Integrations

Learn how to customize personal integrations


There are a number of personal integrations that users can enable to integrate Tactic with the tools they use daily. Each of these integrations has settings to tailor the experience to each person and their workflow. This article will go into how what can be customized for each the personal integrations.

Tip: Articles explaining how to set up each integration can be found here


To find the settings page, navigate to Settings > Integrations & Apps > Settings. 

Google Calendar / Microsoft Outlook

Populate Desk Reservations

When this is enabled, any desk reservations made in Tactic will show up in the user's calendar. The reservation will show up as an all day event in the calendar with the time listed on the event title. This is so the calendar is not full when reserving large blocks of time, e.g. 9AM - 5PM.

Any room reservations will always show up in the user's calendar regardless of this setting.

Note: This is strictly a sync from Tactic to the calendar. This will not sync any events from the calendar to Tactic.


Visitor Check In

When this is enabled, a Slack message will be sent to the user with visitor details when they have finished checking in. 

Check In Reminder

When this is enabled, a Slack message will be sent to the user to remind them to check in, if they have not already. The message is sent 15 minutes after the start of the reservation.